MyFitness Centre
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You’ll find MORE than just a gym.  

Sure, we have great cardio equipment, like treadmills, elypticals, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and stair machines by Matrix Fitness. And yeah, we have weight machines, free weights, and plenty of room to exercise too.  

The Vault (a.k.a. The Sauna)

We have a 4-person infared sauna installed inside the old bank vault.  Why?  Because there’s something unique about detoxifying your body and sweating it out inside a place that used to hold lots of cash.  (good thing, it won’t cost you your life savings to use it)  Pay for a Drop-In or grab a Sauna punch card to save some cash.  

What will you find at My Fitness Centre?

Personal Training

Sometimes everyone needs a little help - especially when trying to reach your fitness goals.  We’re happy to offer Personal Training services at My Fitness Centre. Our trainers are Canfitpro Certified Fitness Professionals and they’re ready to help you overcome your fitness obstacles with 1-on-1 training sessions - starting as low as $33.00 each! Contact us today to set up an orientation session.